Moka Coffee

Waking up in the morning, meeting a friend or reading a book; moments in everybody’s day that just get that little bit better with a nice cup of coffee on the side. Depending on the moment, the people you’re with or your personal taste call for different blends and intensities of brew. That’s why Moka’s coffee blends have different characters assigned to them. Each with it’s own distinct personality like a good listener, an analytic thinker or even a shoulder to cry on.

Through the use of limited angles, line withs and a rigid grid I created a set of particular illustrations depicting the different characters each with it’s own unique personality. These are used, not only on the packaging, but throughout the different promotional items as well. Not just through the use of these characters but with bold colours as well the different flavours are instantly recognisable and the packaging stands out from the competition on the supermarket shelves. Pairing these bright colours with black ensures a premium yet vibrant appearance for both the packaging and all derived promotional materials.

CLIENT: Self initiated
CATEGORY: Illustration, Packaging Design, Graphic Design

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