Atlas Copco VSD Campaign

Atlas Copco has been a marked leader in compressed air technologie for many years. Thanks to the superior quality of their products and innovative solutions they keep a firm grip on the global market. One of those solutions is VSD (variable speed drive) technology witch Atlas Copco pioneered some 25 years ago. A jubilee worth celebrating. So Atlas Copco commissioned an internal campaign via full.stop

The concept we came up with is simple and effective. The compressed air provided by Atlas Copco compressors is carried through factories via a series of pipes. You could call it a life-line from the compressor to whatever kind of application the air is needed.  Based on that principle a series of icons depicting the different benefits of VSD technologie where designed using a single line. This line starts at a product-shot and leaves the page via a minimal icon in the center. The exact position and thickness of the line is determined by the blue bar on the side of the product-shot. This allowed us to create a large quantity of content with easy to read visuals within Atlas Copco’s existing brand identity.

CLIENT: Atlas Copco
CATEGORY: Concept, Graphic Design, Animation

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