GMVN Header - Het Grootste Museum


This image (commissioned by Fabrique, merken, design & interactie –  Delft) was used throughout the “Het Grootste Museum Van Nederland” campaign for the Museum Catharijneconvent.

The Museum Catharijneconvent wanted to draw in more tourist in to Dutch churches throughout the country. The campaign Fabrique came up with required an image of an enormous church towering over a Dutch city. In order to achieve this we collected numerous 3D and photographic elements of different churches and buildings and combined them into one scene. Different building materials, architectural styles and time periods needed to be taken into careful consideration when the different elements were combined in order to achieve a convincing result and a coherent building. The resulting image was used not only in print and on-line, but in the campaign’s promo film as well.

CLIENT: Fabrique, merken, design & interactie –  Delft
CATEGORY: Illustration, Animation

GMVN Image 01 - Het Grootste Museum
GMVN Image 02 - Het Grootste Museum
GMVN Image 03 - Het Grootste Museum
GMVN Image 04 - Het Grootste Museum
GMVN Image 05 - Het Grootste Museum

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