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Commissioned by Fluere Drinks and in collaboration with photographer Joseph Briaire we made a video promoting Fluere’s non alcoholic spirit. This video is used on both the Fluere website and multiple social media channels. The video also needed to fit in with the already existing promotional material and work well with the style of the bottle. This list of specific demands presented us with some interesting  challenges.
In order to overcome logistical issues we shot the waiter and bar in front of a blue-screen and added the additional elements in post production. The bar interior was composited out of a number of photographs which gave us total controle over the final look. Since the exact movement and timing of the people in both the for and background was particularly important (since we wanted the animation to be a perfect loop) 3D figures where animated and integrated into the scene. Carefully selected music and background noises complete the atmosphere.

CLIENT: Fluere Drinks
CATEGORY: Animation, Video

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