CookBoon Header - Cook & Boon concept


Together with Joseph Briaire I developed a concept for Cook & Boon based on their trade of coffeeroasters. Central to the idea would be the coffee bean with witch it all starts, floating gently in front of the camera surounded by glowing ambers and smoke while it get’s roasted to absolute perfection. The result would be the pures tasting coffee, hence the headline “Purely roasted” for the campaign.

Next to still images used in traditional advertising and online media an animation would be created for use in TV commercials, online banners and digital billboards.

With the use of scented inks a coffee aroma could be added to adverts in magazines inhansing the interaction with the intended target audience. But why stop there? A dispencer, discretely hidden in the frame of the billboards, equiped with motion censors was to release the scent of fresh coffee when people passed by, engulfing them in the aroma. This was the perfect way to involve an additional sense to the campaign and make it just a little stronger.

CLIENT: Self initiated
CATEGORY: Campagne concept, design, animation

CookBoon Visual 01 - Cook & Boon concept
CookBoon Visual 02 - Cook & Boon concept
CookBoon Visual 03 - Cook & Boon concept

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